SEED will be evaluated by Dr. Stacia West, Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, and Dr. Amy Castro Baker, Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. West and Castro Baker have a proven track record of conducting rigorous and meaningful community-based research. The key research questions we are answering are the following

After the evaluation ends, a final impact evaluation report will be published outlining the results of the Demonstration.


How does a guaranteed income impact financial insecurity and volatility?


To what degree will a guaranteed income impact drivers of inequity and social determinants of health?


How does guaranteed income unleash potential among recipients and generate agency over one’s future?


What do the residents of Stockton think policymakers need to know about guaranteed income and living paycheck to paycheck?

With the onset of COVID19 in early 2020, Drs. West and Castro Baker added the following research questions to the evaluation of SEED/


To what degree can GI act as a ‘financial vaccine’ that helps people weather unexpected shocks?


Does use of consumer level pandemic interventions delivered through the CARES Act and other state and local economic policies help people weather unexpected shocks?


What are the pathways and barriers to pandemic policy take-up among households in the existing policy landscape, and what implications does this have for informing other cash transfer pilots or scaling cash transfer legislation?

Dr. Amy Castro Baker

Dr. Stacia Martin-West