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The first major basic income trial in the US just announced how it plans to give away free money

by Peter Kotecki

Stockton, California — which announced plans last year to start the first major basic income pilot in the United States — will kick off its 18-month trial period in February 2019, Mayor Michael Tubbs announced Monday.


this california town will give a $500 stipend to residents

Rachel Crane, CNNTech

Just 80 miles east of Silicon Valley, one of the wealthiest regions in the country, is Stockton, California — once known as America's foreclosure capital.

Soon, the former bankrupt city will become the first in the country to participate in a test of Universal Basic Income, also known as UBI. Stockton will give 100 residents $500 a month for 18 months, no strings attached.

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Stockton Gets Ready to Experiment With Universal Basic Income

by Sam Harnett

Wage stagnation. Rising housing prices. Loss of middle-class jobs. The looming threat of automation. These are some of the problems facing Stockton and its residents, but the city’s mayor, Michael Tubbs, says his city is far from unique.

A Universal Basic Income Would Set the Terms of a Progressive Agenda

A Universal Basic Income Would Set the Terms of a Progressive Agenda

by Aleta Sprague, New America

On a recent Thursday night at the San Francisco Mint—a building that once housed one-third of the nation’s wealth—27-year-old Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs announced a bold, new plan to meet a critical need in his community: a guaranteed income pilot, the first municipal demonstration of its kind... 


Mayor Michael Tubbs Pilots Universal Basic Income In Stockton

by Chris Remington, Capital Public Radio 

Stockton’s city government will become the first in the country to pilot a universal basic income program. Funded through a tech research organization, 25-75 families will receive a $500 stipend over the course of one to three years...


This California city's 27-year-old mayor will give residents $500 free cash per month

by Catherine Clifford, CNBC

A two-hour drive from the tech-fueled riches of San Francisco, Stockton, Calif., is a completely different world from its Silicon Valley neighbor. But the small city is taking a big bet to try to fix its lagging economy with a strategy that many of the tech elite have been largely only pontificating about: universal basic income...


Stockton To Pilot Guaranteed Income Program For Some Residents

by Rich Ibarra, Capital Public Radio

Stockton could become the first city in the nation to give some of its poorer citizens a $500 a month basic income, Mayor Michael Tubbs announced Wednesday.

“This is not a handout, it’s a hand up," Tubbs said. "You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you don’t have boots...


Stockton to pilot ‘basic income’ experiment

by Roger Phillips, Stockton Record

STOCKTON — A consortium of policy experts, researchers and academics has awarded $1 million to Stockton to fund an experiment that aims to assess the social benefits of providing a guaranteed monthly income for one or more years to a tiny segment of the city’s residents, Mayor Michael Tubbs announced Wednesday...


Free Cash to Fight Income Inequality? California City Is First in U.S. to Try

by Peter S. Goodman

STOCKTON, Calif. — This town in California’s Central Valley has long functioned as a display case for wrenching troubles afflicting American life: The housing bust that turned Stockton into an epicenter of a national foreclosure disaster and plunged the city into bankruptcy. The homeless people clustered in tents along the railroad tracks. 


Testing a Universal Basic Income

Lee Cowan, CBS News

Technology is changing the kinds and number of jobs we have in this economy, so there's a push to give people who lose out a guaranteed minimum income. How big would that check be? And who would it come from? 


Michael Tubbs is on a mission to save his hometown

by Angélica M Casas and Franz Strasser

Michael Tubbs grew up in what was once described as the country's most miserable city. Now he's in charge.


Next Year, a Californian City Will Launch the First Basic Income Experiment in the U.S. 

by Dom Galeon, Futurism

Stockton, California, is about to become the first city to test government-supported universal basic income in the U.S. The program is the idea of the city's 27-year-old mayor and will be primarily funded by the basic income advocacy


Stockton Hoping ‘Guaranteed Income’ Program Will Help its Residents

by Kay Recede, FOX-40

STOCKTON --  The city of Stockton is exploring how a guaranteed income could help its residents.

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs says the groundbreaking pilot program will offer select families $500 a month -- no strings attached...


A California city is launching the first US experiment in basic income — and residents will get $6,000 a year

by Chris Weller, Business Insider

Stockton, California is expected to become the first US city to launch an experiment in universal basic income, a system of wealth distribution in which people receive a set amount of money just for being alive....


Stockton families to get free monthly cash as part of Mayor's initiative

by Kurt Rivera, ABC-10

With three children, Sonia Castillo knows exactly what she could do with an extra $500 a month.
"The bills and stuff for the kids," said Castillo.
Living on just $495 a month in low income housing, she says it's a challenge...

Stockton mayor combats poverty with innovative and controversial program

by David Morgan

In 2012, Stockton, California filed for bankruptcy, and was one of Forbes "Most Miserable Cities in America". Stockton is now ranked the second most fiscally-healthy city in the state. But nearly one in four people live below the poverty line. 


IN california, Stockton experiments with guaranteed basic income

by Ari Shapiro, All Things Considered

The city of Stockton, California, plans to give its poorest residents $500 a month, no strings attached. It's the first U.S. city to guarantee a basic income. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs about the plan. 


Free cash for everyone? Stockton, Calif.'s mayor plans to see if it works

by Lydia DePillis, CNN Money

Tubbs' mother worked long hours as a cashier at a Discovery Zone and still had to borrow from check cashing places to get by. "If we had $300 a month, life would be less stressful, or we could move into another neighborhood," Tubbs says...


Free Money at the Edge of the Tech Boom

by Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic

The latest experiment in a universal basic income will be coming to Stockton, California, in the next year.

With $1 million in funding from the tech industry–affiliated Economic-Security Project, the Stockton Economic-Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) will be the country’s first municipal pilot program. 


Basic Income Isn't Just About Robots, Says Mayor Who Just Launched Pilot Program

by Caroline O'Donovan, BuzzFeed

The idea of basic income — in which the government gives all citizens a small monthly stipend — has grown popular in tech circles, not in the least because it's seen as a possible solution to the looming..


3 years ago, Stockton, California, was bankrupt. Now it's trying out a basic income.

by Dylan Matthews, Vox

Next year, a random sample of the 300,000 residents of Stockton, a port city in California’s Central Valley, will get $500 per month ($6,000 a year) with no strings attached...