Mayor Michael Tubbs


On November 8, 2016, Michael Tubbs was elected to serve as the mayor of Stockton, California.

Upon taking office in January 2017, Michael Tubbs became both Stockton’s youngest mayor and the city’s first African-American mayor. Michael Tubbs is also the youngest mayor in the history of the country representing a city with a population of over 100,000 residents.

Dedicated to remaking his city, Mayor Tubbs has set forth a progressive and innovative agenda that centers on poverty reduction, economic development, and overall good governance. In his short time in office thus far, Mayor Tubbs has partnered with the California Small Business Association to host Small business roundtables across the Stockton community and has allocated $50k to a Housing Mitigation Fund to help homeless individuals move into permanent housing.  Mayor Tubbs is also working with Valley Vision and the University of the Pacific to develop a strategy that can address Stockton’s skills gap to increase employment and training prospects for Stockton residents.

Before becoming mayor, Michael Tubbs served as Stockton's District 6 City Councilmember. Elected at age 22 in 2013, he became one of the youngest City Council members in the country. As a councilmember, Tubbs created the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition, championed the creation of the City’s Office of Violence Prevention and was part of the council that led the city out of bankruptcy as Chair of the Audit and Legislative Committee.

Mayor Tubbs graduated in 2012 from Stanford University with a Master's degree in Policy, Leadership and Organization Studies, plus a Bachelor's degree with honors; he is a Truman Scholar and a recipient of the highest university award, the Dinkelspiel.Tubbs has been a college course instructor for Aspire Public Schools and a Fellow at the Stanford Institute of Design and the Emerson Collective.