What is the plan?

The motivating question is simple: in communities that are looking for a way forward amid disinvestment and shifting economic forces, can a guaranteed income unleash potential and provide needed stability?

The demonstration is animated by two core ideas: first, that a guaranteed income, in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision, has the potential to effectively and efficiently provide economic stability and dignity for individuals as they aim to thrive, and second, that we need to look to and learn from the experiences of recipients to determine if it works. 

We will kick off the demonstration with a six to nine-month design period that will prioritize community engagement and feedback. In that time period, we will concrete the family selection process and identify research and storytelling partners (learn more about the request for proposals here). We will also identify research priorities that complement existing research on unconditional cash transfers in the United States and invest in storytelling that honestly and authentically uplifts the experiences of recipients.